Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This week I gave myself a break from the studio, and instead I babysat Harvey,
 I made vegan pies and vegies on 1970's plates
 This is what our house is like at the moment, horrible trucks and cranes and diggers surrounding us, theres a construction site next door and it is shitty and LOUD!
 I visited Brookes studio in North Melbourne, very nice...
 Beautiful Autumnal  North Melbz
 Picked up my shoes from Angelo, he repaired them. 
Nice Break!


  1. Molly Rose Dyson I am in love with your work and must have some in my life! I first fell in love with the framed piece on Dawn Tan's site - how can I get some o that gear on my wall? Em

  2. what a wonderful blog you have, I am looking forward to read more