Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sitting in bed, sipping apple cider vinegar honey and hot water.. is that weird? i think its nice and healthy?? Our lamp just broke, sad, but today was a good day, apart from the massive rain and the broken lamp. I got to have coffee and cake with Charlotte at Beatrix and green tea with Leo at Cibi And draw in the studio a little bit even though i didn't feel like i was doing a very good job at it. I think i need some new inspiration and a heater for in the studio because my hands get too cold to draw!
a quick drawing i did before escaping the studio, jumping on a train and going to town

flourless chocolate cake at Beatrix!


  1. oh my god, Chaz and I went into beatrix yesterday and then had turned the coffee machine off. so sad, but we have to go there AND SOON! Great picture(s), love you

  2. Please tell me where Beatrix is as I have a daughter called Beatrix and would love to take her there.

  3. its in north melbourne on queensberry street