Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Had a good time today riding around west footscray... again... got a whole lot of old, mildy rusty but still usefull tools from an old man who was throwing them away!?!? Some old nice weights, strange spanners, clamps, an anvil, casters and nice little old pipe joiners which just appealed to me some how....

I also found an old empty house and had a snoop around... spooky and sad. In the backyard was a half burnt down shed, and this old piano...

Some of you may know my sister Marita, she plays in this band with Stu who is also the best. Marita also draws and works at the museum which is totally interesting.
She also gives me lots of presents all the time and is very generous. In the last week she has given me the following presents:
-four great 1960's chairs that Brooke and I plan to re-upholster in different coloured velvets- maroon and mustard and navy and bottle 
-apple cider and honey vinegar which i am drinking right now with hot water- its good for digestion, joints and skin
-some old ballerina and religious pictures in frames 
-scraps of fabric shes been saving for... me i guess
-two dresses, one 1950's shirty pinky stripey amazingy AND a 1930's lace dress that mum had bought years ago in an oppy
geeeeeee so much niceness its doing my head in!

*Note also i have two other sisters and a brother who also are equally as awesome... posts on their awesomeness still to come but they do the following: Lucy does  this  and lives in Berlin, Spencer does this and Gabe is not quite 18 yet but will soon be doing something great too. phew!
I'ts been a while between posts, so busy over easter working and having family days I havn't done much to report on. Dawn Tan the total babe lady put the blog on her blog and so there has been lots of blog love! Lovely Stuff! There is construction going on next door to our house, its beginning to do my head in. Right now there is a cement mixer, a crane, a bull dozer, a digger, four containers- two of which are stacked ontop of one another looking directly into our backyard and they are offices for the construction site workers. Gee its intense and noisy and after the rest we had over easter they are back at work today and its SO LOUD. The house is very clean after Brooke and Davis cleaned it for the house inspection that never eventuated so thats a plus to being home right now. 
Other than all that, I had such a fun filled day off... I got my head... i mean hair cut with Sam whose a fantastic drawer too, this is his blog. My hair looks good, so does Sam apart from the very well meaning hairdresser putting a good slap of hair gel in his do to make it extra spikey and 90's. Funny! He came over and used the gocco to do an edition of prints of one of his drawings. It was a success and Sam is a natural... my first gocco was extremely wonky but I am a wonky sort of lady I suppose.

^^^^^ Goco's by Sam Wallmaaaan!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is Minnie, my mums dog but she was my sisters Lucy's dog first. They call her "the hairy child"

The room is very messy,,,,

I made this quilt for my friend Laura

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gocco day number 2
It didn't quite go so well, the pencils didn't transfer properly so some lines burnt out and didnt work! Try to fix it by blocking out the middle wonky pencil but still, not so great. Otherwise we have little foxy-dog-cat-mouse guy and bear mate wearing party hats. I have 355 in total. Productive life!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gocco Day Today! Made lots of gift tags, for special boys and girls, tied with cotton twine from my work; Sedonia. I will be selling these there soon, and other shops i think. if they will have me!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello to all the followers! So many new ones, I will endeavor to follow you right back! How cool to be on the Meet Me at Mikes blog, i'm feeling so connected. Thankyou lovely Pip! I met Pip six years ago and she really does have alot to do with me making and drawing things now that I am grown up. And I am sure everyone knows what a totally inspiring and encouraging person she is. Round of Applause and one million *LIKES* to Mikes and Pip! 

From one of my most favourite books: "Adventures with Words" by Golden Press... Author and illustrator to come. Enlarge the second one and look at the detail of the newspaper! wonderful!

Monday, April 4, 2011

good thing


new drawings,,,,,

Moved into my new studio in a little shopfront near Seddon station. Its very nice, beautiful light, the sound of the trains going by outside. A very nice place to draw.