Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some of you may know my sister Marita, she plays in this band with Stu who is also the best. Marita also draws and works at the museum which is totally interesting.
She also gives me lots of presents all the time and is very generous. In the last week she has given me the following presents:
-four great 1960's chairs that Brooke and I plan to re-upholster in different coloured velvets- maroon and mustard and navy and bottle 
-apple cider and honey vinegar which i am drinking right now with hot water- its good for digestion, joints and skin
-some old ballerina and religious pictures in frames 
-scraps of fabric shes been saving for... me i guess
-two dresses, one 1950's shirty pinky stripey amazingy AND a 1930's lace dress that mum had bought years ago in an oppy
geeeeeee so much niceness its doing my head in!

*Note also i have two other sisters and a brother who also are equally as awesome... posts on their awesomeness still to come but they do the following: Lucy does  this  and lives in Berlin, Spencer does this and Gabe is not quite 18 yet but will soon be doing something great too. phew!

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  1. You have a lovely family set up!
    I have a younger sister who is awesome too, aren't we lucky!