Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'ts been a while between posts, so busy over easter working and having family days I havn't done much to report on. Dawn Tan the total babe lady put the blog on her blog and so there has been lots of blog love! Lovely Stuff! There is construction going on next door to our house, its beginning to do my head in. Right now there is a cement mixer, a crane, a bull dozer, a digger, four containers- two of which are stacked ontop of one another looking directly into our backyard and they are offices for the construction site workers. Gee its intense and noisy and after the rest we had over easter they are back at work today and its SO LOUD. The house is very clean after Brooke and Davis cleaned it for the house inspection that never eventuated so thats a plus to being home right now. 
Other than all that, I had such a fun filled day off... I got my head... i mean hair cut with Sam whose a fantastic drawer too, this is his blog. My hair looks good, so does Sam apart from the very well meaning hairdresser putting a good slap of hair gel in his do to make it extra spikey and 90's. Funny! He came over and used the gocco to do an edition of prints of one of his drawings. It was a success and Sam is a natural... my first gocco was extremely wonky but I am a wonky sort of lady I suppose.

^^^^^ Goco's by Sam Wallmaaaan!

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