Tuesday, May 24, 2011

 i really want a dog, maybe that would cure my lazyness and general listlessness these last few weeks, i have been stalking along on so many dog websites, like lost dogs home and rescue a dog and things like that but when i finally found the dog i wanted, it was gone by the time i could get to the lost dogs home, and then it turned out the little doggy had been adopted by my neighbour and is living across the road. it looked like this drawing above, a jack russel cross terrier with a bit of red heeler, so she was all speckled and cute with floppy black ears. 


  1. I love your doggy drawings!
    Sorry about your dog going to someone else,
    i think it means it wasn't meant to be, and the perfect dog is waiting for youxo

  2. You willl know when you see them, their yours