Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I really want a cat, but i cannot have one, my housemate is allergic.


  1. HII!

    My boyfriend is also allergic to cats..
    We have a Russian Blue cat, which is more hypoallergenic than cats should be.. Not completely, but he has no problems at all except when he REALLY rubs his face in the cat (!) Check the breed out.. it's do able.

  2. love this illo Molly.
    You will get your cat one day, and it will be the best cat. I wanted a cat all through my childhood, and now i'm grown up ( sort of ) I have the best Turtle cat in the world.
    even though the steals my pillow xo

  3. Perhaps you could acquire a cat that thinks she's a dog, like my cat for example. She is so dog-like and every time I endeavour to explain cat behaviour to her she just's ignores me, licks my face and goes outside to poo ON the lawn.