Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today I rode my bike around West Footscray all the way to Tottenham, in and around the factories and houses in between. There is a really strange antique shop across the road from Tottenham station if your in the area. It's really good for antiques and things but it also sells motor scooters and mannequins. All along the train line between West Footscray station and Tottenham are some really great factories and industrial buildings, the Uncle Toby's silo is there too, one of my favourites. 


  1. love riding tours. it makes you look at your local area a different way i believe. you see so much more then you do on your usual driving routes. planning a riding tour post of my own! have started collecting pics of signs around my town. very different from west footscray!

  2. West Footscray is totally strange and funny. I'd love to see some of your town, is it in melbourne? are there any signs about "fresh rabbits"?